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Datang International Power Generation Co. Technology Conference and IC MAX3680EAI and the first Science and Technology 2007 conference held in Beijing. Named the first meeting of 130 experts in safety, first published 33 scientific and technological achievements. Group Deputy Chief Engineer, Safety Director Jin Yaohua at the meeting on how to strengthen scientific and technological work of the leadership and organization made a speech. Datang International Power Generation Company for the work of British engineer Tongyu. Comprehensive analysis of the report summarizes the work of the company technology, proposed the existence of the problem, the next step to make the deployment. She asked, the company system to implement the modernization strategy, improve the technological innovation system; improve the technical management system, closed-loop control to achieve safe production; relying on technological progress, technological transformation; increase technology training, and train highly qualified technical personnel; to create scientific and technological activities atmosphere, to play the role of scientific and technical personnel. Meeting of 22 experts named A-, B-class of 57 experts, 51 experts honor. These experts are the young scientists in the post, is the result of performance, capacity and practice a strict merit-based selection out of assessment. Their high level of professionalism, ability to solve practical problems in power production safety have made an outstanding contribution; the Top 33 scientific and technological achievements, of which the first prize of five projects, which have a significant innovation in key technologies and with independent intellectual property rights, technical difficulties, the overall technological level and the main technical economic indicators are at or near the level of similar advanced technology to create a larger economic benefits. Datang International Power Generation Company in accordance with "Science and Technology Award management approach", award and project will be a lot of money reward. Safety experts also the first to Datang International Power Generation Company staff issued a "ideals, than sacrifice, and I contribute to energy saving" initiative.

MAX3680EAI Suppliers

ANC Onyango VimicroCam1.0 is designed for the development of a PC camera multimedia applications, which is based on Vimicro developed DSP control chip designed. Therefore, we want to use the software to first buy a product ANC Nocioni. The software can for everyone to bring a richer video Internet entertainment effect.

MAX3680EAI Price

In fact CorbyTXT and MAX3680EAI Price and CorbyPro The phones can be clearly distinguished from the name of their characteristics, CorbyTXT with a QWERTY keyboard, user input; and CorbyPro is a sliding cover design, also with a QWERTY keyboard.

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