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This requires flexible substrate and IC MAX4113ESA and the base to be able to securely combine; in production after the completion of the flexible display panel torn from the base process, but also requires the substrate can easily from the base. Difficult to meet the requirements of this paradox, the flexible panel, it tends to peel a slight deformation, resulting in dislocation line of electronic components, yield decreased, while the single-piece cost will skyrocket. Flexible displays will certainly change the world, but requires more sophisticated technology Caixing. 2008 led the global market capacity of around 50 billion dollars, led by 2013 world market capacity will reach around 17.9 billion, the ann

MAX4113ESA Suppliers

first light-emitting diode was born in the 60s of last century, after 30 years of development, led the Chinese to buy the device industry has experienced, to buy chips, buy the way, after the wafer has been initially realized independent production of epitaxial wafers and MAX4113ESA Suppliers and chips, formed a relatively complete industrial chain.

MAX4113ESA Price

Recently, the Global Spring 2007 Intel Developer Forum (IDF Conference) kicked off in Beijing. Intel Corporation headquarters from technical experts in the field for the first time will show to the Chinese users of nuclear technology based on the chip 80. This structure will enable the computer to reach 2 trillion times / second of computing power, while the size of this chip is not much more than a finger nail. The technology will change the pattern of the entire computer industry. Human for the first time Teraflops performance was in 1996, when Intel Corporation for the Sandia National Laboratory built ASCIRed supercomputers. The computer area of 2,000 square feet, with nearly 10,000 Pentium Pro processors, and MAX4113ESA Price and consumed over 500 kilowatts. Today, Intels research chip consumes only 62 watts in a multi-core chip to achieve the same performance. But now, Intel has no plans to market the chip.

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