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actually LCD color screen (hereinafter referred to as LCD color screen or color) and IC MAX4165EUK-T and three of the more important indicators, brightness, contrast and viewing angle, but because of its affected by the material, so there is no separate terms, reflecting the screen brightness is an important indicator light levels, the higher the brightness value, the screen on the surrounding environment, the stronger anti-interference ability, the picture is more beautiful, and the darker the screen brightness is too low to feel . Levels of different and not the higher the brightness the better, but just right to match and contrast, beautiful screen to display. Contrast refers to the provisions of the lighting conditions and viewing conditions, the LCD color screen bright area and the ratio of the brightness of dark areas. The higher contrast ratio, the more vivid the color saturation, but also show three-dimensional. Viewing angle refers to the incident light when the backlight through the polarization film, and the so-called liquid crystal orientation film, the output light will have the characteristics of a particular direction, most of the light emitted from the screen with the vertical direction. If a very oblique angle from the viewing screen, we can not see the picture or the color of the screen a serious loss of "true." In general, TFT largest viewing angle, STNs worst. We often screen shows the delicate, realistic, in addition to brightness, contrast, the resolution LCD color screen itself is the key.

MAX4165EUK-T Suppliers

USB X Series devices use NI signal streaming technology is based on information transmission and MAX4165EUK-T Suppliers and device-side intelligence to provide USB high-speed bi-directional data transfer, so that it can be implemented in analog , numbers and counting operation of the patented technology. Using this technique, two new devices can be synchronized sampling, each of the eight analog input device the sampling rate can reach each 1.25MS / s and 2MS / s. These devices have 32 or 64MS of onboard memory to ensure that the USB high flow can still be limited to the collection. The high sampling rate for all channels to make these devices ideal for portable applications of ultrasonic testing and transient recorder.

MAX4165EUK-T Price

The body weight of 206g Panasonic ZS3, success can be interpreted a high optical light, equipped with a 12x optical zoom, 25mm ultra-wide angle lens with LEICADC perfectly beautiful picture show; AVCHDLite Camera support 720P high-definition and MAX4165EUK-T Price and high capacity new HD camera, combined with Dolby AC-3 audio specification, realistic stereo sound can be recorded, the release of high-quality HD video charm.

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