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Ministry of Information Industry announced recently in Beijing Electronic Information Products Pollution Control three major industry standards, has taken control of electronic information products in China, the introduction of the concept of another green step.

MAX4167ESA Suppliers

For the rapid development of network applications based on network-related electronics industry will usher in new opportunities. Currently, the growing popularity of high definition flat panel TV, but the vast majority of families still remain in the cable television signal 480P low-resolution level, the traditional DVD player, only the highest resolution of 720P, and MAX4167ESA Suppliers and 1080P HDTV fully into the era of completely out of touch. Consumers have a high definition display terminal, can not but appreciate the high-definition television programs. In this case, as the playback device supporting high-definition player began gradually recognized and accepted by consumers.

MAX4167ESA Price

Of course, even the memory of the user to buy there a "premature failure during the period," the possibility of our users are not found in a short time. Even if the memory makers, if not professional, systematic and MAX4167ESA Price and scientific testing technology and equipment can not be on the "premature failure during the" effective detection, so the factory is still there after the impact of computer memory, the stability of the "hidden."

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