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Sponsored by the China Electronics News, "2006 (second session), the semiconductor most popular brand in China" selection results have been announced. Altera, Fairchild, Freescale, Fujitsu, NXP, Renesas, Rohm, ST, TI, Xilinx list. In addition, the "2006 Most welcome the Chinese semiconductor market brands," Award Presentation Ceremony cum "brand and IC MAX418CPD and competitiveness," Summit will be held 7 March in Shanghai. The poll lasted 3 months, more than 30 semiconductor companies to take part in the selection of the brand. The field of semiconductors and machine by the 10 jury of leading experts, according to materials provided by the semiconductor brands, and from the "election brands in the Chinese market over the past two years, business growth, candidates brands Enhance China whole level of enterprise technology, run the brand localized R & D, procurement, and support level ", etc., in accordance with the weighted method of calculating the final results obtained. Results from the analysis of this selection can be seen, increase localized R & D and product innovation, and strive to realize the localization of production and supply, and the whole enterprise to establish a close partnership to promote the localization of personnel training, is the foreign semiconductor companies in the the main reason for popularity of the Chinese market, but also winning in the market, the key to the future.

MAX418CPD Suppliers

Recently, ST (ST) introduced a new series single-and multi-axis micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) gyroscopes. ST gyroscope to market-proven micro-processing technology support, use of the unique mechanical properties of silicon, the semiconductor chip can measure the movement of manufacturing the special structure of the angular motion detection provides excellent performance and MAX418CPD Suppliers and reliability, target applications include man-machine interface, personal portable navigation systems, car navigation systems, digital cameras and camera image stabilization. The market has favored in the man-machine interface, the accelerometer gyroscope can be improved features that make game consoles and remote pointing device has a more exciting user experience, but also can improve the car navigation system, dead reckoning and / or Map matching performance, eliminating manual jitter on digital video or digital camera to take photographs effect, to achieve a more sharp picture quality.

MAX418CPD Price

COM4540--M-BUS/RS232 conversion module support Euro standard M-BUS (EN1434 standard) protocol conversion equipment can be mounted up to 200 M-BUS devices and MAX418CPD Price and provide remote power supply, power supply voltage 24-36V. Converted to RS232 voltage level, PC unit through the serial port can access M-BUS devices. and the Freescale reference design for future joint development kit, including the transceiver and controller, which incorporates Freescales three main components :

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