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ShahramTadayyon told reporters, Si4734/35 a compact 3 mm × 3 mm package, not only to simplify the existing SW and IC MAX419CSD and LW radio design, but also for mobile phones and MP3 players and other consumer electronic products to increase the existing short-wave and long wave reception, so that more consumers in China to receive short wave and long wave broadcasts. But he stressed that concrete implementation depends on the machine manufacturers have to integrate into the short and long-wave cell phones and MP3 programs. Currently, they have been approached and domestic first-line machine manufacturers to understand the needs of these companies, and strive to break through technological bottlenecks and market promotion, the short-wave feature in the final realization of the phone and MP3. But now, the main chip, or short-wave radio applications.

MAX419CSD Suppliers

Micron (Micron Technology Inc.) And Intel Corporation (Intel NXP Semiconductors NXP ice President, NXP Semiconductors, microcontroller product line, said Geoff Lees, general manager, "LPC1800 for the ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller set a new performance benchmark. NXP and MAX419CSD Suppliers and reliable high-performance memory architecture and system peripherals on the innovation, creating a unique LPC1800. "

MAX419CSD Price

As the world's top memory brands - Corsair (Corsair), has been the embodiment of speed and MAX419CSD Price and memory overclocking. In 2006, surging from the pack and the memory market, with their own products of high quality, high performance characteristics such as strong inroads excellent performance, as all enthusiasts and gamers, overclocking the memory of choice, respected by many friends. China memory market in 2006 the proportion of the distribution of the brand concerned, attention, surged to 5.2% is the highest of all brands in the forefront, again with power to establish its leadership position in the memory industry.

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