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Newman into the domestic e-books since the beginning of the field, it will improve human reading habits, to achieve the perfect reading experience - these words as their own product ideas and IC MAX4332ESA and thoroughly. The guidance of national policy, market demand, the perfect experience for the user base, Newman has launched a leisurely beautiful, practical book. Newman's book now has three product lines: E time series, the color reading series, the color reading series. The recent launch of Newman in turn may be the world's first touch of the E-ink e-books, to fill the market gap for this product yet.

MAX4332ESA Suppliers

Had kept more controversial e-book name, the "electronic paper book", "electronic reader" and MAX4332ESA Suppliers and other titles. This time the "comments" to the name "e", and defined as "a new publication, the main form", defined as pre-installed or download text, pictures, audio and video digital content such as handheld readers of publications referred to. Documented data show that China has become the world's second largest single country market e-book. E-book in China in 2009 reached 3.82 million units shipped in 2010, total worldwide shipments in the first half into a super-two, after the United States, the year is expected to reach 9.1 million units.

MAX4332ESA Price

Under the "opinions", the contents of e-book industry chain should be original, editing, digital conversion, chip implants, platform delivery, equipment production, marketing and MAX4332ESA Price and import and export trade and other aspects of composition. Of the original content in the e-book, editing and publishing and delivery platform for e-content resources operations of the business, as publishers of electronic publications and Internet publishing units for approval and management; in the publication of the contents of the digital conversion, editing, chips implantation of the company, as an electronic publication, approval and management of replication units; of the total in the e-book distribution, wholesale, retail sales businesses, as an electronic publication distribution units for approval and management; business engaged in e-book import enterprises, as the importer of electronic publications for approval and management.

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