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LED or light emitting diodes, light emitting device is a semiconductor solid. It is the use of solid semiconductor chip as the light-emitting materials in the semiconductor compound occurs through the release of the carrier excess energy caused by photon emission, direct issue of red, yellow, blue, green, blue, orange, purple, white light. LED lighting is the use of LED as a light source created by the lighting apparatus.

MAX4524EUB-T Suppliers

Austriamicrosystems (AustriamicrosystemsAG) began selling two kinds, characterized by low power 12-bit AD converter IC. Are 1-channel fully differential model "AS1524" and MAX4524EUB-T Suppliers and 2-channel single-ended model "AS1525". The maximum sampling rate of 150k samples / sec. For remote sensors and a digital pen (Pendigitizer) and other requirements of low power, small size, battery-powered mobile data access system. Supply voltage 3V, 150k sampling rate samples / sec, consumption current is 350μA. AS1524/25 equipped with auto-run stop (ShutDown) function, in the case of slow sampling rate, the transition to sleep mode to save power (SleepMode). Power supply 3V, the sampling frequency of 100k samples / sec, the consumption current of 245μA; 1k samples / sec, the consumption current of 2.5μA; run stopped, the consumption of current is 200nA. With SPI, QSPI, Microwire common interface. Equipped with an internal clock, but you can also use an external clock. 2.7 ~ 5.25V power supply voltage to work. Package for the 8-pin 3mm square TDFN. Operating temperature range is -40 ~ +85 ℃.

MAX4524EUB-T Price

In the camera's playback mode, "Face Recognition" function will automatically cut out the picture of the characters face and MAX4524EUB-T Price and zoom in playback to get the best portrait photos. &# 61548; support for RAW and JPEG (4,256 X2, 848pixels, 3,024 X2, 016pixels, 2,304 X1, 536pixels) two storage format

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