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SOHOO Xun Yang 6907 is a complete air duct with the appearance and IC MAX4581EEE and design of products, in the mid-field can be described as DIY pioneer. Most of the chassis, the internal structure of the design and panel design completely out of line, therefore, have gorgeous appearance, not necessarily a good heat dissipation. We know the function of the chassis, in addition to installation of computer accessories, excluding the heat is a very important aspect. But it is rather regrettable that the majority of the face of mass consumer market, the chassis, do not do this.

MAX4581EEE Suppliers

efficiency. Burst Mode (Burst Mode?) Operation requires only 25uA quiescent current while shutdown current is less than 1uA, further extending battery run time. If the application is noise sensitive, then the PWM pin can also be configured to provide forced continuous operation to reduce noise and MAX4581EEE Suppliers and RF interference. Other features include soft start, current limit, thermal shutdown and output disconnect.

MAX4581EEE Price

abroad enterprises are also not ignore the new materials, new device development. "From 2009 to 2011 of three years, we will concentrate on developing silicon carbide devices. "Said Takashi Nishimura," The high cost of SiC devices, therefore, the market acceptance of such devices depends on the extent to which it can reduce overall system cost. For example, in high-speed electric train, if silicon-based IGBT, be equipped with a large cooling device; but if the use of silicon carbide devices, cooling devices can be small or even eliminates the need for it in terms of very high-speed train attractive. Therefore, SiC devices will be increasingly in a particular area of play to their strengths. "

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