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LCD panel has always been a cyclical industry, in the second quarter of 2007 Start the upward cycle, global LCD panel giants such as Samsung, LGD, AU Optronics and IC MAX4641EUA and Chi Mei greatly benefit, net of amortization of upfront investment, only the LGD for the past four quarters received nearly 30 billion dollars in net profit , a loss far greater than the previous cycle, a loss of $ 1,000,000,000.

MAX4641EUA Suppliers

Even so, I believe that the distributor can not passively wait, should be actively doing early stage research and MAX4641EUA Suppliers and development and promotion. Automotive products to car manufacturers on price competition is more concerned about cost control, which promoted the localization of auto electronic products in Chinas development. Bosch, Delphi and other famous enterprises have invested or have factories in China, the localization of product design, automotive electronics trends are becoming evident. Distributor opportunity perhaps in the past 2-3 years.

MAX4641EUA Price

desktop drives in Beijing today on the spot market is beginning to show a trend down are mainly concentrated in the serial port and MAX4641EUA Price and the main drive them. Details of the terms for the Seagate 7200.8 SATA 250GB/7200.9 SATA2.5 160GB/7200.9 SATA2.5 250GB has been reduced 5/10/5 yuan, while the 7200.7 PATA 120GB then was up by 5 dollars. Respect Plus 9 SATA 80GB Maxtor box / 200GB box / 250GB Plus 9 PATA 40GB boxes and scattered down the 5/15/15/5 yuan, respectively, while the Plus 9 PATA 160GB Apart, the anti gained 10 yuan. Notebook hard drive in Beijing today on the spot market as a whole continued to show a downward trend, albeit small but just right to focus on the mainstream products. Respect of which Hitachi 40GB 4200R/40GB 5400R/80GB 4200R/80GB 5400R reduced 5/10/5/5 yuan, respectively, in addition to 60GB 5400R also was up by 5 dollars.

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