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ust like the Chinese semiconductor industry, "apple", perhaps the course of time gradually lose their "brilliant." Starting from the strategic position is seen as the basis for the electronics industry, we must rely on innovation and IC MAX471ESA and development, to conduct a new round of breakthroughs in the semiconductor industry. I hope that this little bit of new ideas, new actions to achieve the output value of 30 billion USD in 2 IC design companys success.

MAX471ESA Suppliers

ivida Monday also announced that ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte and MAX471ESA Suppliers and MSI motherboards and other computer manufacturers have purchased a license this technology to be used for Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processor design board. Both the processor is Intels 45nm Nehalem micro-architecture based. Motherboard supports SLI technology allows three Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

MAX471ESA Price

nd chip from the terminal point of view, the introduction of the Chinese mobile terminal and MAX471ESA Price and chip jointly developed with the support of the Fund, the maturity of the entire chip to further enhance, and improve product stability, product costs to decline further. From 2009 to 2010 the end of the first half of the chip based on the output of a large number of innovative style, to meet the needs of our customers use 3G services, the terminal, and the costs are also decreased. To date, TD terminal industry to join the camp or in the constantly increasing business. Intel bought Nvidias SLI technology license, so that Nehalem processors and chipsets for high-end gaming systems and workstations for multiple graphics processors.

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