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Intersil analog and IC MAX502ACWG and mixed signal products company vice president and general manager Simon Prutton said: " reduce the I / O ports of the trend in Apples recently released by a single 1 / 8 "headphone jack to implement USB connectivity in the iPod Shuffle and get a good expression. This new product gives users a portable media player the ability to display images on TV, also has audio output, but also can use a single I / O ports to cut costs and reduce the size. "

MAX502ACWG Suppliers

Since the 1024M MAXSUN the lead to kill the Terminator GTS250 new low-cost 899 yuan to 899 yuan per GTS250/1G immediately became the new market benchmark. Throughout the market, most brands of similar products, prices still remain at 999 yuan or more, although some individual follow-up bargain brands, but whether it is work product materials or overall appearance, are not as GTS250 Terminator 1024M, Ming Xuan's this GTS250/1G cost is very prominent. In order to replenish the supply, the recent arrival of MAXSUN GTS250 Terminator 1024M then, but we were surprised to find that the card has been fully upgraded with deluxe double heat pipe heat sink fan 4, and MAX502ACWG Suppliers and the price is still 899 yuan, a new high price.

MAX502ACWG Price

Analysys International predicts, Focus Medias Internet advertising business within the next few years will remain above 20% to 24% of the rate of sustained growth. Pay-by advertising and MAX502ACWG Price and technology solutions to improve the return on investment advertisers, advertisers are welcomed.

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