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corresponding chipset Intel LGA775 Platform board, the current flagship product is undoubtedly the P35. After several months of media testing, I believe the players have been on the P35 motherboard overclocking performance and IC MAX506AEWP and strong performance is very familiar. Not long ago, we reported the smell of the blue fever Colorful quite cool plate - C. P35X5, although the board access to mainstream consumers, widely recognized and sought after, but there are still many users who want to experience the BearLake platform due to limited budget, late can not start late. Recently, Colorful entry-level market for the Intel platform, re-launched a rookie products C.P31AK, the motherboard chipset based IntelP31 can support future 45nm processors. And before the blue style is different from the launch of the P31 and rich with eye-catching style blood red of passion, 499 yuan before the C.P35X5 price positioning of the market also played a great addition to side effects.

MAX506AEWP Suppliers

According to market research firm J-Star Global analyst reports that the semiconductor industry is estimated polysilicon shortage will lead to the global semiconductor market growth this year slowed down, the global semiconductor market next year will be even more depressed. Research firm J-Star Global Yoshihisa Toyosaki, president and MAX506AEWP Suppliers and CEO of previous research firm iSuppli (Japan), the head of the company. He said the status of the supply chain of semiconductor materials, semiconductor market growth is expected to be crucial. If the polysilicon is endless, the semiconductor industry will continue to grow. But important issue is the supply of polysilicon to be reliable. CEO, warned: "This year and next year, the global semiconductor market is expected to increase about 10%, which is expected to mainly on the use of electronic devices based on the analysis of semiconductor demand, but if the semiconductor and solar cells continue to grow, the supply of polysilicon and will be a gap between demand. polysilicon shortage of silicon will generate a new cycle of the life cycle. "Last year, research firm estimates the global demand for polysilicon materials about three tons, of which two-thirds of semiconductor products, with polysilicon material in solar cells accounted for a third. Since 2001, the demand for polysilicon materials to 45% annual rate of growth. Research firm estimated that if the supply of polysilicon material providers to meet, by 2007 the global semiconductor polysilicon demand will reach forty thousand tons. However, demand for polysilicon solar cells will double over the same period, nearly twenty thousand tons. Polysilicon materials providers responded to the expansion of demand, this week, provider of Wacker Chemie AG Polysilicon materials company said it will add 4,500 tons of polysilicon materials, to the end of 2009, its production will reach 14,500 tons of polysilicon materials. CEO of research firm, said the impact by the lack of polysilicon materials, the global semiconductor market growth rate will be reduced to 3.6%, down 0.3% next year. He said: "Although I can not expect a balanced distribution of changes in the polysilicon, but the global semiconductor market next year, I expect the growth rate of 8.7%. Polysilicon changes in distribution of risks in the semiconductor industry will lead to worse."

MAX506AEWP Price

IC demand continues to grow with the market research firm Gartner to rise again in 2010 the global wafer fab capital spending forecasts. Since the rapid expansion of the major fab 45/40 nm process, NANDFlash and MAX506AEWP Price and DRAM manufacturers transition to a 3x node (3xnode) process, the agency predicted in 2010 greatly increased wafer fabrication equipment sales to 113.3%, while 2011 growth rate of 7.2% point of view.

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