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Cost reduction goal by 2011 is down 0.5 yen / lm. Now the cost is 1 to 1.5 yen / lm. Halved in 3 years as originally planned. Now reduced to 2 years in half. Thus, LED prices will gradually and IC MAX511ESD and in line LCD panel industry. Performance objectives, plans to 2011 200lm / W. estimates leading companies to achieve this goal. In the 3 years ending 2008, the performance by the 50lm / W to increase to 100lm / W, 2011 years should be to achieve 200lm / W.

MAX511ESD Suppliers

In fact, Chinas plastic products is not enough "crazy", because although its consumption has been ranked second in the world, but per capita consumption of 50 kg from United States, Belgium, Germany and MAX511ESD Suppliers and other countries, the gap is at least more than 3 times. Therefore, Chinas plastic products, especially the production of plastic products, plastic machinery and equipment demand will continue to grow, and have great development space.

MAX511ESD Price

Pioneer as a DVD optical storage technology experts to develop and MAX511ESD Price and promote standards of those pioneers in the DVD industry has been playing the field leading role in the development of its DVD burner has been burning for the majority of the fans favorite and recommended. Pioneer's Liquid Crystal Tilt Technology and laser correction of the two patents protecting the burning time of stability and security, allowing Pioneer to be the most stable burner DVD burner. To enable more users to have the opportunity to enjoy the excellent recording quality pioneer, today, Pioneer burner 111XL Deluxe Edition is now priced ¥ 359, classic 111CH also fell below 300. Price of ¥ 299. In addition to writers outside the Pioneer optical storage unit of several products is very classic. Listed from the latest CD-ROM DVD-127 series of smart, to read it perfectly, engraved get professional series DVR-102 combo, pioneer in optical storage have pulled every area of the first victory for its excellent quality in the minds of users in winning a place.

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