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First factory production line of small and IC MAX517ACPA and medium LCD panels ongoing transformation, but if the Sharp successful conclusion of negotiations with China, the transformation of the production line will be suspended, the transfer of equipment to China. However, the burden of the Chinese company wants to invest less in the form of a joint venture for production, the two sides will discuss in future negotiations. In addition alleged that Sharp may also negotiate with other Chinese manufacturers. Sharp Kameyama LCD panel factory currently available to Mexico, Poland, China and other parts of the world of television assembly plant.

MAX517ACPA Suppliers

Overall, between cities within Metropolitan Areas dominant industrial sectors in the selection and MAX517ACPA Suppliers and development, basically forming a division of labor contours, which tend to Beijings industrial development high-tech oriented, especially communications equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing and transportation equipment manufacturing industry have obvious advantages; Tianjin industrial system of comprehensive, industry plays a decisive role in economic development status, based on the characteristics of industrial development of communications equipment , computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing and other high technology-based industries and oil, chemical, metallurgical and other heavy industry both; Hebei eight industrial city of the most prominent is the development of mining industry, oil and natural gas extraction, coal mining and dressing industry and other energy raw materials, mining industry, and ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry and other heavy industry and agricultural food processing industry, beverage industry and other agricultural processing industries. But the dominant industries in various cities remain the choice of the more obvious similarities, especially between Beijing and Tianjin, Tianjin and Hebei eight manufacturing development between the cities of the complementary strengths not strong, there is no hierarchical structure of the industry cluster and clear and reasonable division of labor.

MAX517ACPA Price

new supply analysis: We believe that the number of effective delivery of new capacity ≠ MOCVD. We expect that 2010, 2011, were added 500, 700 MOCVD, quarter by quarter partial delivery. Equipment delivery will take some time to reach production, also reached the quarter full annual capacity of production equipment to the different contribution rate. Therefore, the number of effective delivery of new capacity ≠ MOCVD. According to our calculations, 2010,2011 MOCVD on an equivalent number of new units, respectively 291 and MAX517ACPA Price and 555 units.

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