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Orient Securities analyst on the "Red Week," told reporters that the industry relies heavily on exports, it is not normal is not sustainable. Only the rate of their own solar power may be raised and IC MAX5250BEAP and gradually reached a certain level before the PV industry into the healthy development track. "Shenzhen Dijing Yong, chairman of Banyan optimistic about the solar industry investment, but he also" Red Week "said," This industry really need to burn a very long process! "He had a research company in Inner Mongolia, photovoltaic power generation costs 5 yuan per kilowatt, the local government subsidies to 4 yuan, the multiple of electricity, thanks to a dollar to . Dijing Yong said the Chinese PV industry needs to transform the existing power grid, without the prior transformation of the so-called new energy there is no way for commercial use, only large sums of money-burning. The country needs at least smart power grids 2 trillion yuan, the current focus on investment in high-speed railway finance the construction of power grids is possible after two years into the agenda, now it seems the smart grid is a relatively long way off .

MAX5250BEAP Suppliers

Recently, the United States and MAX5250BEAP Suppliers and Japan, IBM, Sony, Toshiba announced that it will jointly develop next-generation 32-nanometer scale integrated circuits, and plans to launch in 2013, with South Koreas Samsung Electronics and the United States to compete with Intel. It is reported that three Japanese and U.S. plans in the next 5 years the company focused on research and development staff to the IBM Research Center in New York and factories, research and development necessary for large scale integrated circuit 32 nm based technology. At present, Japans mainstream line of 90 nm semiconductor integrated circuits, the most cutting-edge 65 nm. Many large international research and development of semiconductor manufacturers is 45-nanometer semiconductors. In order to maintain the competitive edge in Japan and the U.S. companys decision to proceed with the three 32-nanometer semiconductor technology research and development. Toshiba in processing technology and manufacturing capabilities, Sonys various semiconductor technologies and deep understanding of the consumer market, IBM, respectively, in materials technology, a world leader position. Over the past 5 years, 3 co 90 nm and 65 nm chip-level research has made significant progress. Memory semiconductor integrated circuits and the more subtle lines, the more electrical products can tend to be more compact, and can improve product performance. To Changhong fear "Lang supervision" · TCL Group will vote on whether to sell, "electrician" * Shengxing electrical shop again postponed the opening Guangqumen Philips shares rose to TCL Group, Sonys third-largest mobile phone return into six issues Sony said the climax of "problem camera," Chinas refrigerator industry, the factory was due to relive the phone as MP3 Mishap Where?

MAX5250BEAP Price

By the "modern computer" magazine's "2008IT Hardware Star ceremony" campaign has officially ended, this ceremony brings together stars ten categories of IT hardware industry, DIY accessories, and MAX5250BEAP Price and the star of three consumer digital products, they represent 08 years in their respective industry achievements. Speed T10 camera in many brands and products stand out, to the industry's first magic video effects software with unique design, won the consumer digital camera category "2008 Editor's Choice Award", proving once again that speed as the first to enter webcam specialist areas of research and development strength.

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