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Baiyun Airport guide system construction is an important image of the 2008-2009 project, the research, bidding, installation, commissioning a lot of work, construction of which lasted six months before an completed. State media in the new project-oriented system, a flexible and IC MAX5415EUD and practical, elegant styling guide card boxes from the six competitors, and in time for the construction of the Lunar New Year 2009, commissioning is completed, successfully passed the inspection. As a new airport, media, new media, state and national focus has been the citys airport has established good cooperative relations, LED guidance system throughout the building, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Haikou, Xiamen and other cities, airports, and formed a certain scale. Many businesses with new state of the media platform to promote the corporate image, also received good results.

MAX5415EUD Suppliers

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) report, the United States 22% of the electricity used for lighting, the equivalent of 1,000 large-scale power plants output, with a total value equal to 550 billion. DOE expects no more than 10 years, solid-state lighting efficiency will reach 150lm / W (lm / W), equivalent to incandescent lamp of 10 to 12 times more efficient, compact fluorescent lamps 2 times. If the efficiency of such a calculation, assuming 50% of the lighting will be replaced with LED lighting can save the electricity to the National 6% to 7% (annual savings of 17 billion U.S. dollars). While many people have no doubt that LED lighting can save energy when the long-term, in fact, they do not think LED lighting can really save energy today. Of course, todays LED lighting of the initial purchase price may be several times that of traditional lighting, which limits the use of LED lighting. However, the first installation of LED lighting is expected that the energy is real.

MAX5415EUD Price

Through this transaction, Dahua Digitals low-cost manufacturing facilities will join Motorola, Motorola will also bring development for the Chinese market chipset solutions, and MAX5415EUD Price and local R & D, sales and marketing resources. More importantly, can be enhanced through the acquisition of Grand Cathay Motorola supplier relationships between the figures. In addition to production outside the cable box, Dahua Digital is one of Chinas major cable operators.

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