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The F series is our 10x optical zoom, of course, we not only on the camera, including CCD, processing engine, we have new technology as long as the F series will be on the machine. Why are not yet released on the Z300 can only say that because we do not correspond to total sales, so we do a good job after sales correspondence, we will release such a product.

MAX547BCQH Suppliers

The committee also said that the theme of access to the global consumer electronics giants of the high degree of recognition. Enthusiasm is running high this year, exhibitors are hoping to seize the lead by SINOCES Internet to the consumer electronics industrys second revolutionary opportunities. Such as consumer electronics giant Panasonic, HP, Oracle, GE, Dolby Labs, Toshiba, Blu-ray, Haier, TCL, Hisense, Changhong, IGRS, etc. to participate in the exhibition have said, and MAX547BCQH Suppliers and is expected to display connected to the Internet-related consumer electronics products; procurement giant Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Carrefour, Best Buy, Gome, Suning will also will go to purchase consumer electronics in 2008 to grab the Olympic opportunity.

MAX547BCQH Price

Why? Because the electric car industry is concerned, short board, mainly in the manufacture of lithium batteries. Lithium battery charging current time, battery life and MAX547BCQH Price and running there are still a long way to go miles. And if the lithium battery technology can not be effectively addressed, it is difficult to promote electric vehicles, which means including the charging stand is difficult within the effective use of facilities. BYD is currently the only information is 15 minutes fast charging electric vehicles can be filled with 80% of the electricity, but I do not know it how much capacity the battery pack. If one charge, the consumer must wait 20 minutes or so, I think not many people will buy electric cars. Automotive suppliers must be at least this time to 10 minutes.

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