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from the current point of view, appropriate development of thin film solar cell industry is conducive to the overall development of the domestic solar industry, we should be concerned about the progress of various solar energy technology, the formation of crystalline silicon and IC MAX631ACSA and thin film the pattern of cell diversification is necessary, not sufficient to simply crystalline silicon solar cells respond to complex market demands. From a market perspective, the customer the cost of growing concern, the profitability of manufacturers of crystalline silicon space will become smaller and smaller. And thin film solar cell industry pollution is relatively small, is conducive to environmental protection, in some applications, such as BIPV, large-scale low-cost power plants, solar lighting, etc. have certain advantages.

MAX631ACSA Suppliers

Production accounts for more than 40% of the global market has become the worlds largest MP3 Zhuhai chip base, production accounts for more than 40% of the global market. Recently, reporters from the meeting was informed about Zhuhai City, Zhuhai City, the information industry has developed into the largest industry, electronic information industry, the proportion of total industrial output value accounted for more than 40%, software, IC (integrated circuit) the average annual growth rate of industrial scale maintained at 40% or more. According to incomplete statistics, Zhuhai, 15 enterprises currently available IC, IC industry, including the formation of semiconductor material production, design, chip production, packaging, and MAX631ACSA Suppliers and other relatively complete industrial chain. This year in China (excluding Hong Kong) IC design industry industry-wide sales of about 23.6 billion, Zhuhai expects sales of 16 billion yuan, accounting for 6.8%.

MAX631ACSA Price

In recent years, the province has been built Lujiang County, the largest production and MAX631ACSA Price and export base of magnetic material, product sales in the international market, almost new selling products overseas. Last year, the county magnetics industry output value of 153.82 million yuan Total profit and tax RMB 3.99 million yuan, accounting for the countys total industrial enterprises above the scale of 9.7% and 4.5%, and exports worth $ 8,170,000. Lujiang County magnetics industry has experienced a "snowball" process. In 2002, long out of production and trade in the magnetic Xiong Yonghong, returned to his hometown Guo town, founded 500 million investment in the first magnetics manufacturer - Anhui magnetic technology limited liability company, then the output value of more than 1,000 million yuan, profits and taxes 100 million. Later, his brother returned to his hometown Xiong Yongfei investment in enterprises, supporting the processing for the magnetics. The county decided to take this opportunity to take effective measures to attract investment expansion, to create magnetic production base. In recent years, the county has established the glory foreign capital, Magneto or hung on the scale of such six magnetic production enterprises, with an annual output of a variety of magnetic 1,000 kinds, yield nearly ten thousand tons, highlights the combined effect of gradually. In development, Lujiang the magnetic industry relies on high technology and closely around the international market, and actively develop high technology and high added value magnetics products. Long magnetic, prestige, and other enterprises with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Hop Industry University Materials Research Institute and other research institutes, tertiary institutions to establish long-term "research" and technical cooperation, establishment of training centers, hire experts, professors and doctors as consultants, it has already been Provincial Science and Technology Department as "high-tech enterprise", the development of new products have been identified as technology products, and LG, Motorola, General Electric and other famous international brands have established close trade relations, and some even become its designated product.

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