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LED (LightEmittingDiode) is a light-emitting components in the semiconductor positive and IC MAX6338LUB and negative voltage is applied to two terminals, when the current passes through, so that the combination of electron and hole, the excess energy will be released in the form of light to achieve the glowing effect. Panel with white LED backlight modules have been applied, lights, and react to the general lighting, etc., will become the future expansion of its popular application market, and gradually extended to other fields of application. LED has long life, environmental protection, energy consumption, etc., can be expected to be widely used in many lighting market, LED light source if the alternative to replace both the traditional lamp, the light source will cause a considerable degree of impact on the market. LED applications, the current lighting, LCD backlighting, automotive lighting and landscape lighting applications the city has become the main LED market growth, future LED products, new applications will become a part of living space, bring new types of life science applications market, continued downward rooted trend. And with the continued expansion of new applications, LED products, application design from the original design concept will become a subsidiary of dominant position.

MAX6338LUB Suppliers

Hi-Tech Fair Electronics Show as an important event of the period, but also the ninth outside the fairs first meeting, "the global semiconductor market, the General Assembly (2007 China ) "yesterday attracted about 300 participants. Meeting, the worlds leading semiconductor manufacturers high-level, such as Greater China, NXP Semiconductors Mengwei Jian, senior vice president sales, Texas Instruments Semiconductor DSP / MCU products Ding Yulin, director of market development in Asia, International Rectifier China / Korea Regional Sales Executive Director DavidPoon, are to semiconductor technology and MAX6338LUB Suppliers and market development and dialogue of the industry. As one of the well-known co-organized by market research firm iSuppli, analysts also bring their teams to be strong, on-site release, including "e-vision for the semiconductor industry," "portable device power demand", "mobile phone ICs market Looking and technology trends "and other topics, including the latest market report.

MAX6338LUB Price

Indonesia is the world economy Internet, one of the countries with higher levels of development. ITU statistics show that the first quarter of 2010, Indonesia's PC has more than 3000 million Internet users in Asia after China, India, Japan, South Korea's fifth largest country users. Meanwhile, Indonesia is currently the fastest growing Asian markets for mobile networks, the mobile network infrastructure or even better than the PC Internet settings building, now has 40 million active mobile phone users.

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