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It is understood that, with the popularity of the Internet and IC MAX663CSA and digital technology, the traditional CD, tape drives have been twilight, is being represented by the MP3 digital audio player device replaced. However, car and desktop audio field, usually only support USB interface portable MP3 decoder chip must be connected to computer to update the song content, and products in these areas are usually larger, heavier and inconvenient, leading to such a chip is difficult to get in the car and desktop markets a wide range of applications. Mountain View company based on strong market demand, the introduction of the AU6850 chip, the chip integrated USB Host Interface, SD interfaces, MP3 decoding circuitry, and 8051-compatible MCU, can be directly read U disk, MP3 players, mobile hard drives and other USB storage devices and SD card music files, audio equipment update solved the problem of their songs and inconvenience for the digital audio player into the car and desktop audio market cleared the final hurdle. At the same time AU6850 because of its highly integrated system design, can greatly simplify the external circuit, which makes the cost greatly reduced.

MAX663CSA Suppliers

Mountain View, Integrated Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai recently released desktop market for a car and MAX663CSA Suppliers and cost-effective USB Host MP3 decoder chip - AU6850. The chip with high integration and features Bluetooth technology can be widely used in car audio, speakerphone, stereo equipment and desktop markets.

MAX663CSA Price

now the whole car inside the car with LED manufacturers and MAX663CSA Price and nearly all European companies; use of LED lighting in external areas, the European and Japanese cars will line the third brake light the ratio of LED into more than 80%. 1MHz switching frequency can reduce the volume of external inductors and capacitors. Built-in N-channel low-impedance switch, can provide up to 90% efficiency. The maximum output voltage up to 30V. APW7137 use of SOT-23-6 packages for board space savings of great help.

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