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Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) introduced a wide range of input and IC MAX664ESA and output voltage of a common DC / DC Controller - LT3724. It is suitable for buck, boost, inverting, or with up to 100W output power SEPIC circuits. LT3724s power can be used 4V to 60V input supply voltage into a stable 1.23V to 36V output. Current mode of work with a variety of benefits, such as a wide range of voltage and load current stability, accurate short-circuit protection and fast line and load transient response and so on. To simplify output noise filtering, reduce the size of inductors and capacitors, and improve efficiency, LT3724 at a constant 200kHz switching frequency. LT3724 is a single-chip solution for industrial, 12V and 42V automotive and heavy equipment, avionics and telecom power systems in a variety of applications such as power supply topology. LT3724 has a large N-channel MOSFET can be driven on-chip gate drive. The controller includes Burst Mode (Burst Mode) work, the quiescent current to less than 100μA, while maintaining high efficiency at light loads. Slightly less than full load efficiency of 95%. In addition, the internal high voltage bias regulator allows for simple biasing and can be later to drive to increase efficiency. Other LT3724 features include precision undervoltage shutdown, 10μA shutdown current and programmable soft start to minimize overshoot at startup. LT3724 16-pin thermally enhanced TSSOP package, rated operating temperature range is -40 ℃ to 125 ℃. 1,000-piece quantities starts at $ 3.10 per piece.

MAX664ESA Suppliers

As the wireless era will be the last communication with the ground cable associated with cutting, standards began to replace proprietary solutions have emerged. However, the high-definition audio still need proprietary algorithms to control and MAX664ESA Suppliers and not permitted in the crowded 2.4GHz frequency band in the communication. In this band, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards must coexist and wireless phones and microwave ovens.

MAX664ESA Price

Agilent WiMAX mobile broadband products factory CJ Meurell, general manager of European operations, said: "We developed in cooperation with Innowireless based on the E6651A platform, developed the N6430A PCT system, and MAX664ESA Price and efforts to integrate and test a large number of WiMAX PCT test cases. We are pleased to see that our system will be used to ensure that WiMAX products in the market meet the WiMAX standard when ."

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