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October 21, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has decided to abandon the current processor partners Intel and IC MAX690ACSA and IBM, switch to next-generation Xbox game console processor independent research and development. According to "The New York Times" reported that Microsoft has already begun development of next-generation Xbox video game lab within the processor. To this end, Microsoft has also set up a "computer architecture" sector, led by engineer Charles Thacker. In this regard, Thacker said Microsoft should proceed to develop the next generation of Xbox consoles. In the future, speech recognition will become the key functions of the game, which will be developed by Microsoft, the direction of one of the game processor. Microsofts Xbox business in Europe head Chris Lewis has also confirmed in an interview that Microsoft has been working on Xbox 360 follow-up research and development products. But still in its early stages, but also refer to competitors because Microsoft and Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii features. Chris Lewis said: "Of course, we are developing the next generation Xbox. We must continue to consider new products, to beat competitors, we must do." It is reported that next-generation Xbox game console could be called Xbox 3, Xbox 720, or NeXtbox and so on.

MAX690ACSA Suppliers

electricity, fuel, and MAX690ACSA Suppliers and rising labor costs led the world into the "high-cost era", the high costs to further squeeze the profit margins of manufacturers. To help electronics manufacturers respond to the challenges of rising costs, Dow Corning to set up factories in different regions in addition to the nearest support, but also to make adjustments to its product supply model. For example, are gradually losing the cost advantage of Chinese manufacturers, Dow Corning collaborate with customers to enable the use of new and more lower cost base material to provide adjustable materials and solutions to optimize production efficiency and is applicable to many production application, in order to achieve the objective of minimizing overall cost. According to Dwane introduction, materials provided by Dow Corning can help improve the stability of the equipment, and can reduce maintenance costs. ARC photoelectric constant current driver board DMX (DMX constant current driver) DA3607/3609 series features a :

MAX690ACSA Price

CP2146 is a type of parallel four low-dropout LED constant current driver for LED supply voltage higher than the operating voltage occasions, can be used to drive white, red, blue and MAX690ACSA Price and other colors LED.CP2146 current mirror using a proprietary technology, the LEDs operating current at a certain power supply voltage and temperature remain constant, good control the LED brightness. CP2146 dimming using pulse counting mode line: on the enable pin of the pulse signal applied to control the number of pulses, LED current can be adjusted to achieve 16 linear steps. drive LED when the CP2146 does not require any external components. SIAs president, Toohey said that in the next period of time (second half), the industry growth rate will slow down the chain. And that the whole semiconductor industry may be related to the organizations growth in the medium-term forecast of 28.4% is more consistent.

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