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Huang Tao to point out that if a company to do a competitive market, your core IP in the key There is no accumulation of technology, your IP SoC chips are all the others, your core competencies where? By low-cost personnel? Other companies that have, many Asian companies are more like to see a swarm of large market. SoC design company can do internally, 6 years ago, capelin Kok Fung, is now everywhere, in another 6 years may be a dime a dozen. As for the brand? This mostly in the hands of multinational corporations. "If we all do the SoC, their is no standard, no agreement, no patent, no core silicon IP, has no other unique proprietary technology, is to buy IP integration. Well, finally one day, is it possible and IC MAX692ACSA and today DVD/MP3 assembly plant to the same fate? (I even knew of the low profitability of some of the country IC only a few cents to a RMB, and Zhejiang as the degree of commodity) "

MAX692ACSA Suppliers

Huang Tao said: "In the high-end SoC, we will increasingly see the chip is not the first dispute, whether alternative or part of the technical leadership. The biggest problem is the intellectual property behind. QUALCOMMs becoming a high-pass, is not it more than anyone else in advanced chip design. to the high-end multimedia processor, an SoC chip to the graphics from the MCU Accelerator / Bluetooth / USB OTG, twenty or thirty large and MAX692ACSA Suppliers and small, including IP, IP core if you are to buy, then the license fee does not say, royalty Each chip may be the final price of chips will account for a large proportion of . Then, as you use the MPEG4 or H.264 or other standards, foreign companies with patents Union, but also to the terminal or content providers continue to charge expensive fees. but because of cross-patent license between them, in the This is a piece of intellectual property costs much lower than domestic companies. "

MAX692ACSA Price

motherboard provides a PCI Express x16, 3 Ge PCI Express x1 and MAX692ACSA Price and 3 PCI slots and 4 memory slots (DDR2 800/667/533, the biggest can be expanded to 8GB). Also the motherboard integrated graphics core, Gigabit Ethernet, 5.1 channel audio output, IEEE1394 FireWire interface, the other common interfaces readily available.

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