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It is reported that 113K has developed a 0402-size products, smaller than 0603 products by 70%. 3. Power: mobile phones and IC MAX701CPA and other portable terminal product features ultra-thin shape of the perfection and power chip inductors on the size of the requirements of a higher , high-power multi-layer chip inductors from FDK, SUNGSUM and other companies have been quantities produced and used in Samsung, IS phone into the future, MOTO, NOKIA mobile phone companies such products will gradually start to use, high-power multi- Chip Inductors market demand will increase exponentially.

MAX701CPA Suppliers

2008 PC production in China from 38.8 million units in 2003 soared to 90.1 million units. Between 2003 and MAX701CPA Suppliers and 2008, Chinas PC production compound annual growth rate of 18%. In 2008 China will account for 73% of global notebook output in 2008, China is expected to account for the global production of 24% of desktop computers. In addition, the development of Chinas automotive electronics market is also very bright future, according to Institute for Information Industry Development (CCB) of 2004 to 2006, Chinas auto electronics industry to maintain rapid growth of 40%. By 2005, Chinas auto electronics market demand for places has reached 105 billion yuan, Chinas auto electronics remain the future high-speed growth. Indeed, Things work next month. This is undoubtedly the domestic chip inductor manufacturers provide a great living and development space. Technology: follow the whole development, sharing the results with the electronic machine market reform and the small improvement of surface mount technology, chip inductor products is no longer a number or a simple reproduction process of expanded reproduction, but must be closely we follow the whole development of many new requirements put forward, together to create efficiency, share the results of market reforms. Future chip inductor will develop in the direction towards the following: 1. Small size: The multi-layer chip inductors become the mainstream of development direction.

MAX701CPA Price

China has become the largest producer of household appliances, but do not have the core of the chips and MAX701CPA Price and patents, household electrical appliance enterprises generally not high profit margins. For example, in the U.S. market to sell one of each DVD, Chinese enterprises only earn $ 1, selling an MP3 earn $ 1.5. If not, then pay a lot of royalties, DVD should be able to earn $ 19, MP3 can earn $ 49. Because they do not grasp the patented technology, household electrical appliance enterprises in China make it very hard to make money. Bardon, president of telecom consulting firm Duncan Clark (Duncan Clark) said that last year the company Ericsson in its annual report for the first time explicitly mentioned Huawei name, and had only briefly referred to as "low-cost provider."

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