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semiconductor development is to support the original purpose of national defense industry and IC MAX707ESA and aerospace industry, the Department of Defense to get the most advanced weapons systems and NASA have the most sophisticated operation control equipment. Since these two industries are the main requirements of semiconductor products, and thereby determines the direction of the semiconductor industry and the nature of the original. The fact that the United States Department of Defense procurement of the U.S. semiconductor industry has a decisive influence on the early development of its long-term is a world leader later laid a solid foundation. However, the United States as the 20th century, 80 major semiconductor manufacturers in the world ranking dropped significantly, so that was a lot of Americans think the recession is a national military security and a serious threat to the economy, many people to blame the U.S. government micro- the policy direction of the electronics industry.

MAX707ESA Suppliers

semiconductor industry as a cutting-edge technology and MAX707ESA Suppliers and high added value industries a great impact on other industries, is great in the whole national economy in key technology industries of strategic importance, so will the world governments as the backbone of the country industry. Want to leave a country in the forefront of the world economy or to protect national security, must be into this expensive but very rapid development of technology.

MAX707ESA Price

LCD Driver IC With the obvious out of the amount of market demand, since the beginning of Q4, Taiwan-based IC packaging and MAX707ESA Price and testing industry capacity utilization has significant upward trend began in which to LCD driver IC testing capacity the most tight, gold bump capacity is immediately upon the face of customer orders quickly return, and order visibility, the beginning of the stretch, including the Qi State, flying letters and other packaging and testing industry and more on short-term performance of optimism about .

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