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pure electric vehicles, the biggest bottleneck is the battery. The requirements of the battery electric vehicles is relatively high, high specific energy, high specific power, fast charge and IC MAX744ACWE and with the depth of discharge function, circulation and long service life. Lead-acid battery as a relatively mature technology, although its specific energy, specific power and energy density are relatively low, but the high cost and high rate discharge, becoming the only mass produced electric vehicle batteries. Nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries although the performance is better than lead-acid batteries, but its cost is not high, heavy metals, spent on the environment after the abandonment will cause serious pollution.

MAX744ACWE Suppliers

pure electric car sounds like the future world of products, as early as 1837, the Scots to the invention of pure electric vehicles. Of course, when the performance of electric vehicles can not present the same language. Since then, the upsurge of pure electric vehicles to come and MAX744ACWE Suppliers and go. There was a time, pure electric vehicle technology stagnation, we lost confidence in electric vehicles, GM and Ford to shut down the factory of pure electric vehicles. The fate of electric cars and energy crisis, the opposite is complementary to each other, more serious energy crisis, we study the power of electric vehicles, the stronger. The current rising oil prices, but also aroused the car manufacturers of the passion of pure electric vehicles.

MAX744ACWE Price

company says will be through acquisitions and MAX744ACWE Price and organic growth to meet the investment needs in these areas. Following last years acquisition of TIs DSL CPE business and LSI Corporation Mobile Products Division, the acquisition is to strengthen the company Primarion Infineons core business is a big move. Infineon has provided the most advanced technology, high performance innovative solutions that help save energy and reduce pollution. the companys products are smart and the best basis for the use of energy, which applies to the entire power supply chain, industrial equipment, household appliances or hybrid cars .

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