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SX1233 integrated packet engine, removable micro-controller RF packet, thus liberating the resources of the microcontroller, or let the designer choose a lower cost or lower power alternative . Packet CRC errors can also check the engine, AES-128 encryption and IC MAX749CSA and a 66-byte FIFO, packet transmission to provide security.

MAX749CSA Suppliers

SX1233 have the transmitter and MAX749CSA Suppliers and receiver, and low-power sleep mode, thus extending battery life. 1.8V to 3.6V due to a constant operating range RF performance, even without the regulator, the battery life is about to end when they can guarantee a stable communication. In addition, the use of TrueRF technology, without the use of SAW filters in the low-cost external component count, while still meet the ETSI and FCC requirements. SX1233 has integrated accumulator VCO, PLL loop filter and an RF switch, further reducing the total number of materials.

MAX749CSA Price

SX1233 has a powerful 80 dB anti-blocking capability and MAX749CSA Price and high linearity of the band-band interference (including the shared 2.4 GHz band mobile phones and devices) have a strong front-end protection. Therefore, the device can meet the most stringent requirements RX robustness. SX1233 zero-IF architecture, through an intelligent AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) engine, low-key system to ensure the best performance index signal, and can inhibit the unwanted image signals and the pseudo-half-IF signal.

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