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Association, Wong Sai Kau told reporters yesterday, in fact, the abolition of public cards, Internet cafes policy of one person, one card on September 30 this year, took the lead in Guangzhou Four enforcement chain of Internet cafes, and IC MAX761CSA and November 12 deadline only. Months from the implementation of this view, Guangzhou City, the Internet cafe industry groups fell by an average 50% profit on the Internet cafe industry is already caused some impact. Yang Rong Liao, Secretary General of the copy has been sent out to the views of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau proposal to reporters. Include the following questions:

MAX761CSA Suppliers

interview, Mr. Yen said that Internet cafes one person, one card, not that staged a network of "temporary residence permit" it? To ensure network security, public security authorities require Internet cafes real names, he did not object, but why the registration of the ID card, it has to do cards? Now a temporary residence permit is not mandatory to do, Internet cafes have to force to do a "network of temporary residence permits", but also to pay 10 yuan, "No share fee", this is a bit unreasonable.

MAX761CSA Price

operator of an Internet cafe in Huadu Xiao Tang ( his real name) told reporters, in fact, currently used on the card the size of the Internet cafes in Guangzhou has long been in use. Some regular customers, the cafe will be in a certain amount of the deposit, send a card to him that as a dedicated card. Occasionally, some customers, the cafe in the registration message issued a temporary ID card, when the plane back card payments. For a customer to modify the temporary card registration information. Now that cancellation of a public card (temporary card), the public security organs shut down Internet cafes in fact just the editing feature management system, the objective to force users to buy the card.

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