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BTU for the silicon thin film photovoltaic applications and IC MAX809STR and solar photovoltaic applications in processing equipment. In the thin film photovoltaic applications, BTU equipment for CIGS and CdTe process technology. Silicon photovoltaic applications are fast burning through the BTU furnace and diffusion furnace to achieve.

MAX809STR Suppliers

FSEZ1016A and MAX809STR Suppliers and FAN100 proprietary energy-saving mode, this model can provide off-time modulation function, decreased in a linear fashion under light load conditions PWM frequency. In addition, they can by reducing the secondary-side feedback circuit and components of the practice, to minimize power consumption (no load standby power consumption <0.15W). All of these energy-saving features are the power supply can meet the stringent energy efficiency regulations are indispensable conditions. In addition, the PSR PWM controllers also provide a robust protection features such as undervoltage lockout (UVLO), overvoltage protection (OVP) and over temperature protection (OTP).

MAX809STR Price

Recently, Fairchild Semiconductor to meet the high brightness (high brightness, HB) light-emitting diode (LED) market, a key demand, the introduction of the primary-side regulation (PSR) pulse-width modulation (PWM) Controller FAN100 and MAX809STR Price and FSEZ1016A, they can simplify design, reduce board space, and provide important performance advantages. FSEZ1016A is the primary-side regulator integrates a PWM controller and a power MOSFETs EZSWITCH ? PSR PWM controller, and FAN100 regulation is a primary side PWM controller. Through this integration, the controller with its built-in proprietary TRUECURRENT ? technology and strict constant pressure (constant voltage, CV) range, achieved the most accurate constant flow (constant current, CC) control, without the need to use secondary side feedback circuit. As a wide voltage range of constant flow was tight, the same circuit to the number of different clusters can be used for LED, thereby enhancing design flexibility and time to market and extend the life of HB LED. Because of these PSR PWM controller with such a high level of integration, thus saving board space, to meet the ever-shrinking dimensions bulb trends.

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