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Second, to vigorously promote the technological upgrading of enterprises. Effective use of technological transformation of the central 20 billion special fund to prevent the blind expansion of production capacity, as soon as possible to issue the first batch of auditing technology projects.

MAX809TEUR-T Suppliers

80 kWh / kg of indicators obtained by the Ministry of Industry, Science and MAX809TEUR-T Suppliers and Technology and other relevant ministries and representatives of business support, the people who participate in the standard formulation of "the new indicators are more feasible, as long as the words of the introduction of foreign equipment package can meet the requirement to transform the domestic equipment can achieve this level. "

MAX809TEUR-T Price

"can achieve alone, but not in the integrated power consumption higher than 200 kWh / kg power consumption reduction targets to achieve 60 kWh / kg of the non- may be. "the source said, reducing power consumption level of current international best 70 kWh / kg, so" in the previous discussion paper, we set the reduction of power consumption of 80 kWh / kg, integrated power consumption set 200 kWh / kg. "

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