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As more and IC MAX810LTR and more to a single lithium-ion battery-powered smart phones and other handheld devices has increased processing power and begin to become a central computing platform, the user of such equipment and other peripheral devices continually demand connectivity growth. AnalogicTech (AnalogicTech) therefore introduced a new power management chip - AAT1275. IC which contains a current-limiting load switch with a boost converter, the designer can use it for step-up and provide protection, can be simply and effectively to these new computing-intensive portable systems powered USB port. AAT1275 is a new type of power management chip, it will a 500mA boost converter and a current-limiting load switch combined in one. In a monolithic AAT1275 integrates a current limit protection with adjustable 5V, 500mA output, simplifies to a single lithium-ion battery-powered portable electronic systems USB host port development. AAT1275 input voltage range of 2.7-5V, support for single lithium-ion battery-powered systems USB2.0 host port and USB mobile (OTG) operation. When the load switch current limit default value is 500mA (standard USB), it can be adjusted to the lower current value for the current small USB port, thus saving precious battery power, it can also be used for any of the requirements current-limited 5V power supply applications. To the maximum extent possible battery life extension, AAT1275 boost converter in the larger context of the efficiency of the load more than 90%. Up to 2MHz switching frequency provides fast load transients, and to minimize external component size. Designers face is one of the most difficult challenges the traditional boost converter using the leakage current. To solve this problem, AAT1275 adds load interrupt this new feature, it can be turned off when the AAT1275, the load and power isolation, thus minimizing losses and simplifies design. The built-in adjustable limiting AAT1275 load switch also has a USB port protection, which occurs when the AAT1275 output overload conditions, a Low Level effective flag alerts the system failure. In addition, in order to ensure device integrity, AAT1275 also adds over-temperature and over-current protection and inrush current limit. AAT1275 rated operating temperature range is -40 ℃ to +85 ℃, using lead-free, 12-pin TSOPJW package (size 2.75mmX3mm) and 16-pin TDFN34 package, is now available supply.

MAX810LTR Suppliers

Is reported that China Unicom is named "World Wind" (WorldWind) dual-mode phone will be listed on July 19 this year. Dual-mode mobile phone "a machine dual card", and MAX810LTR Suppliers and in the current global GSM interconnection CD Juan MA This two free conversion, the first time, a gateway switch in different formats. By the same phone, GSM users can surf the net in the CDMA, CDMA to GSM users can also surf the net.

MAX810LTR Price

three S08D product line provides developers with the scalability, compatibility and MAX810LTR Price and design freedom to choose applications that best meet their specific equipment and system requirements. Three product lines and package pin compatibility scalability without increasing the expensive I / O expanders. System engineers can easily from one product line upward migration to another product line to extend the system-level functions can also be down to transplantation to minimize costs. In addition, S08D series also able to lower costs for the need for enhanced peripherals and higher performance applications Freescale 68HC05 and 68HC08 architectures upward migration path. Engineers now have a series of pin-compatible 8-bit MCU, allow customers to get rid of the cost of power from various types of restrictions.

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