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9 Yue 14 News, Thursday, Nokia said it would join its ranks of rivals Samsung and IC MAX813LCSA and Sony Ericsson for mobile phone users to produce high-capacity flash memory cards to accelerate download speed. This is called "universal flash memory (UniversalFlashStorage, or UFS)" The technology is expected to be completed in 2009. Nokia said: "This card can be used for mobile phones, digital cameras and other electronic equipment, which can reduce the storage time. Such as a 90-minute film in just a few seconds can save good." Learned, UFS interface basically support any non-volatile memory, including phase change RAM, FeRAM or MRAM and so on. UFS other design goals include achieving at least 2Gbps data transfer speed, low pin count and low power consumption. Other companies involved in the project, including the U.S. chip maker Micron Technology, the worlds largest solutions provider of pure flash memory Spansion, the European giant STMicroelectronics weeks semiconductor plant and the worlds leading semiconductor company Texas Instruments (TexasInstruments).

MAX813LCSA Suppliers

Liu said the companys growth through mergers will play a great impact on the market such as Taiwans largest sale of the General Assembly not only in China the kind of comprehensive, including very influential throughout Asia, in March this year, the Group purchased another of their compatriots Yosun Industrial Group. This company is almost leveled the WPG and MAX813LCSA Suppliers and the United States the gap between Arrow Electronics (sales of 9.75B to 9.57B) and the U.S. accounted for another 3 Avnet sales of 9.18B. WPG is the first one in China, followed by that Avnet and Arrow. Dell Computer system vendors (DELL) has opened a new factory in Xiamen opening, saying it was the companys rapid development in China has laid another important milestone. Xiamen Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Ding Yan, Dell Asia Pacific and Japan, Steve Felice, president and other senior municipal officials and Dell attended the celebrations.

MAX813LCSA Price

promotion of solar cells is currently difficult because in addition to the policy, but also because of its high cost, therefore, to further reduce manufacturing costs of solar cells is the key to large-scale application. In addition to battery production technology, technical research and MAX813LCSA Price and technological progress, materials and equipment companies also have a lot of work to do. First, the cost of polysilicon raw materials to control is to reduce the production cost of solar cells the key, because the cost of polysilicon solar power system cost represents about 70%. Materials manufacturers to improve the production process, saving energy, improving production efficiency and product quality. Equipment manufacturing enterprises should closely follow the material production needs of enterprises with advanced technology, stable quality, meet the technological needs of high-quality equipment. Should concentrate on the one hand, related to the development of key equipment, on the other hand has been steadily improving production equipment for solar cell manufacturers to provide strong support. Experts said that if the cost of polysilicon solar cells down to 20% of the total cost, then the cost of photovoltaic power generation at about 1 yuan per kWh. Suntech has been proposed in 2012 1 yuan / kwh goals, and joint business with the chain to achieve this goal. The industry said that once the cost of photovoltaic power generation can compete with conventional energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas), even if lower than the wind, then the large domestic market will start. Hui earlier this year, just promoted to executive vice president of Vimicro Corporation, but he has not had time to replace the card, just use the pen to "vice president" ticked off, write a new post.

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