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Experts had predicted: in 2005 the mobile phone market, smart handwriting will be the mainstream. SMS for people who are keen, TCL Mobile "TM" launched three smart phones handwriting, no doubt inspiring. The three new aircraft smart handwriting - TCL737, TCL896, 899 can discount the old machine purchase price of 500, TCL apparently wishing to spread the revolution to completely hand-written! It is understood that activities of companies committed to, as long as the normal call to TCL mobile phones, in the March 15 to April 25 period specified in the local store, you can arrive to 500 yuan in cash to redeem the powerful TCL896, 899, or e737, and IC MAX861IUA and other intelligent handwriting camera mobile phone. All three are called "SMS writer" weapons has absolutely mainstream nowadays configuration and super value for money, especially all with a unique handwriting input system. Consumers can write their own handwriting habits, when your writing is too sloppy and too "flamboyant", the system will automatically determine, list of similar characters to choose from. After the Chinese characters to be selected, and phrase association function, greatly improving the efficiency of the handwriting. Make it more unique is that it can be full-screen writing, entirely free from writing box to limit, to achieve the carefree mobile writing. Whether you walk or in the car, have nothing to lose in the stock between the palm pointing landscape, convenient and fun to use notepad, calendar, memos, etc. functions, to overcome the large amount of information written record of the bottleneck problem, the real mobile communication terminal information management to the personal mobile terminal changes. Which, TCL896 and 899 adopted charming "drop" arc shape, can be described as a pair of graceful Sisters. TCL896 mature women have the knowledge, generous side, and the use of the rose red line panel, printing a delicate flower pattern lightweight TCL899, it appears that more young and trendy. The other, a TCLe737 phone in a stylish silver and blue combination of wisdom, it seems more scientific and technological sense, modest and yet stylish design makes the phone more men ages. Three stylish new machine, one hand on the benefits listed on the label hit, so the old TCL replacement user can easily enjoy the fun, enjoy the lowest prices top business handwriting, this will greatly speed up the the era of handwritten phone.

MAX861IUA Suppliers

This is the sum of several chips have very low jitter, so system designers can integrate the same time keep the clock clean clock to copy, and MAX861IUA Suppliers and then distributed to different circuit the system without additional additional jitter filtering circuit. The output of each chip has a programmable skew control circuit that can streamline the circuit board layout, allowing design engineers to adjust the skew of each clock output, and for different lengths of the circuit board traces to provide compensation.

MAX861IUA Price

LEDTV benefit greatly increased penetration of new applications such as, with backlight, lighting applications, and MAX861IUA Price and government policy support and other drive LED demand level corresponding rise in demand sapphire substrate. Taiwan LED industry in the past because many firms supply sapphire slices, the market is in oversupply, making the Taiwan-based LED plant has an advantage, together with Taiwan companies accustomed to bargain, 2-inch chip Lei cheapest prices anywhere in the world, but recent Samsung Electronics (SamsungElectronics) facing out, is also scouting for goods to Taiwan, together with Han Lei chip plant to 4 inches as the main production capacity, production demand, driven sapphire substrate market prices, since the past 2 quarters, 2-inch chip prices have been hike of 20 Lei %.

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