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Bode Wei said the industry from future LED lights into the energy sector, after 2010, LED luminous efficiency white LED patent expires and IC MAX873BCSA and abroad will be able to reduce production costs and further enhance the penetration rate of LED lighting, but I am afraid that the future can only complete layout of large groups of upstream and downstream supply chain, professional LED manufacturer must Yang Lai Liji market makers and other manufacturers or alliances or consolidation, only chance of survival.

MAX873BCSA Suppliers

dvanced system architecture and MAX873BCSA Suppliers and built-in low-resistance he chip can be applied to the DC input and AC input and other typical applications. Typical DC input applications, wide input voltage range wide 6V ~ 36V, 1A maximum output current can be. When the input voltage of 24V can be connected in series 6 LED, system, very few external components, very suitable for 24V power system.

MAX873BCSA Price

D42525 DIM pin can be used for PWM or analog dimming dimming dimming multiplexing two a pin, making the client application is more simple and MAX873BCSA Price and efficient. PWM dimming of high precision, compared with analog dimming, LED color does not appear the phenomenon of migration to meet the range of 100Hz ~ 20kHz dimming requirements. Chip with soft-start function, and ground through the DIM pin capacitance between the settings to determine the appropriate soft-start time.

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