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Recently, digital cameras and IC MAX874CPA and camcorders Patriot investment will come to Shenzhen. The investment will launch the new products are patriots, both being hit in the industry, "China's first dual HD cameras", including the Patriot has not yet announced the implementation of several designed to re-staking the digital expansion strategy camera. The investment in Shenzhen will be the investment will cover the Southern Region, including Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other provinces in South China are attracted to the dealer.

MAX874CPA Suppliers

With the production, life, city streets and MAX874CPA Suppliers and other lighting continues to grow, lighting electricity consumption in the power position in the increasingly apparent. According to the China International Lighting network statistics, developed countries, the proportion of lighting electricity consumption has accounted for 25%. In contrast, despite the relatively low level of economic development in China, but the lighting, the national electricity consumption accounts for more than 12% of total consumption, and an average annual increase rate of 15%. According to an authoritative expert estimates, the 2007 national urban road lighting, for example, if the lighting of urban roads 1 / 3 of replacement energy efficient lighting products, the saving of electricity consumption equivalent to a generating capacity of the Three Gorges Project. Therefore, the National Development and Reform Commission and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Global Environment Facility (GEF) co-operation jointly launched the "China to phase out incandescent light, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps" project. As energy-saving alternatives to incandescent lighting products usher in the rapidly growing market is a good opportunity, especially as a revolutionary new light source - LED in the "low carbon", "energy saving" the general trend, even more plugged in to take off wings.

MAX874CPA Price

last 10 years, according to Zhang and MAX874CPA Price and the representative of the Chinese experienced the rise of the Internet frenzy of the Internet, but also through the Internet winter of suffering. Up to today, Chinas high-speed Internet ushered in an unprecedented growth, the future growth of the Internet in China going to do?

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