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RF products in the communications field has a wide range of applications, ranging from wireless base stations, mobile terminals to the defense, aerospace, automatic test equipment, and IC MAX921ESA and other areas. ADI as a leading supplier of RF products, product performance and R & D has a unique advantage. To provide quality products and services to help system designers to respond to changes in market demand, the challenge - is the company has consistently adhered to the concept of ADI, ADRF6750 new modulator will not only further strengthen the launch of ADIs high performance RF solutions for product camp, but also enables service providers to a single RF Modulator to easily support multiple communication standards demand.

MAX921ESA Suppliers

LTC5598 Single 5V power supply. Its quiescent current is 168mA, and MAX921ESA Suppliers and compared to other similar modulators, LTC5598 low power consumption of 20%. 75ns and 10ns respectively LTC5598s power on and off time to provide functionality to support TDD (Time Division Duplex) type transmitter. When the ENABLE input by applying a logic low to disable the chip, the device is usually absorbed 43uA shutdown current. LTC5598 24-lead, 4mm x 4mm QFN surface mount package. 1,000-piece quantities, is priced at $ 5.19 each. LTC5598 is available from stock.

MAX921ESA Price

LTC5598 integrates two matched, high linearity of the double-balanced mixer, LO buffer, and MAX921ESA Price and a broadband quadrature phase shifter is accurate. Phase shifter in the I and Q mixer LO input to maintain an accurate 90 ° phase relationship to the wide frequency range provides excellent image suppression. More than 400MHz of the I and Q inputs supports almost all the bandwidth demand for broadband digital transmission. For ease of use, the sum of the two mixer outputs into a single-ended, 50Ω termination of the RF output.

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