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the current IC market, if applied to distinguish the main can be divided into 4 categories, namely, computer, communications, consumer electronics and IC MAX924ESE and automotive electronics, also known as the 4C. Intel, with its absolute advantage in the CPU has long occupied the field of integrated circuit industry leading position, while Samsung, TI and other companies were in memory, DSP products based on, trying to seize global market share. Jian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Mr. Lin Zhiguang Director of Research and Development Department, told the "China Electronics News" reporter, Computer chips mainly by foreign manufacturers and Chinas Taiwan foundry production, is due to this part of the product requires a high technology, and foundry in Mainland China are mainly focused on communications and consumer IC products.

MAX924ESE Suppliers

worlds top three semiconductor industry giant TSMC, Intel, Samsung Electronics jointly announced that to promote the industry continued to grow, sustain future chip manufacturing and MAX924ESE Suppliers and application of the reasonable cost, the tripartite have reached a consensus: the semiconductor industry in 2012 will be 18 inches into the right time to chip manufacturing. However, industry opponents say that, truly entered the era of the time point 18 inches, about 2020, the tripartite alliance, is more like desalination industry risk.

MAX924ESE Price

strong at present, have confirmed their attendance of foreign dignitaries and MAX924ESE Price and businessmen to a total of 835 people, including deputy national political figures 5 and above, at the ministerial level 5, there are 500 companies or business leaders top 60. Foreign Affairs Office also used the opportunity to host visiting Chinese business focus strongly invited to attend the Sixth Northeast Asia Expo. In late June, Foreign Affairs Office hosted the "Jilin sixth Communion overseas Chinese professionals and project matchmaking", invited from 21 countries and regions, 165 overseas Chinese to discuss the project in Jilin Province docking. In the meantime, will invite participants face to face advocacy.

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