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Display Technology Research Director Jennifer Colegrove, PhD said, OLED has a number of charm: a wide viewing angle, wide color gamut, faster response time, more energy , thin and IC MAX953ESA and has a temperature in different environments may be feasible. At the same time technology has been great progress in recent years, the existing technology has been basically meet the

MAX953ESA Suppliers

NJU6062LED control driver IC, the PWM dimming control circuit (LED1 (R) / LED2 (G) / LED3 (B) / LED4 4 channels), LED controller, I2C interface circuit structure, can control the brightness of regulation 3-color LED, providing multi-component control. NJU6062 controlled via I2C interface to help minimize the CPU general-purpose port. At the same time, the product support "multi-component control" function, through an I2C bit to control multiple NJU6062. On the other hand, flat thick film SOI is expected to grow the market, market size from 2005 to 8,400 million U.S. dollars increased to 9,000 in 2006 U.S. dollars, 2007 9,100 million in 2007 to 9,400 million U.S. dollars.

MAX953ESA Price

YORK November 2 digital group news three linkage "Angel Lover" Ricoh DC couple photo activities concluded in Guangzhou, Shamian. The event organized by the NEW YORK Media Group, in Shanghai, Beijing and MAX953ESA Price and Guangzhou have started, as the ending of the war, Guangzhou, sunny climate, contrasting with the snow in Beijing. Crisp autumn weather, participants Ricoh "Angel Lover" DC couple photo shoot a couple who, as well as staff, let out into the real film activities. silicon on insulator (SOI) is also expected to have increased, particularly in the promotion based on thin film technology. Film SOI market is expected from 2005 to 263 billion U.S. dollars 376 million in 2006 to 2007 is expected to grow to 516 million in 2008 to 632 million.

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