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Samsung S3600C shape, brushed metal appearance, engaging fashion, this model is difficult to date. Retained the traditional design elements, joined the new office of the metal craft, dazzling appearance, extra points for the entire machine a lot. Fuselage clamshell shape, size measurements is 98.5 × 49.9 × 15.3mm three-dimensional feeling very strong.

MAX975ESA Suppliers

VisEra obtained from the LED manufacturer of cut crystal, the use of wafer level packaging process to simplify the grain processing; but does not refer to the package wafer components. Process, first of perforated silicon wafer, and MAX975ESA Suppliers and then the metal and the dielectric protective layer, and then they can be placed LED die, and then making the pin. Chip above the yellow peel (mask and lift-off) technology evenly cover the dielectric layer of phosphorus, and lens shape on the wafer, the last cut wafers. The key process technology in the control of the lead frame matrix formation, the other must also develop their own lens molding technology. Wafer-level process will help to reduce the assembly cost of mass production, but at this stage VisEra no cost leadership, have to focus more on the thermal performance and reliability requirements of applications.

MAX975ESA Price

In addition, to further improve the reliability of LED, using the same excellent thermal conductivity of rare-earth ceramic package substrate instead of traditional metal substrate, can effectively avoid the chip and MAX975ESA Price and substrate off. In the rare earth doped glass lenses, optical lenses can reduce the absorption and dispersion coefficient, increase the transmission rate. Can be seen, rare earth materials in the high-power LED lighting played an important role in addressing the LED heat lamps, light distribution, packaging, and to improve light efficiency of the key technical problems.

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