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90 late: FC flip chip bonding and IC MAX982CSA and chip scale package CSP flip chip bonding technology in the introduction of IBM Corporation in the 60s to start using the copper bump, after Preparation of the development of on-chip high-lead solder bump chip face down and then directly attached to the ceramic substrate, the use of multiple solder reflow one-time assembly. Not only greatly improve the efficiency of production (at the time of the gold wire bonder slower welding speed), and because of the small lead resistance, parasitic capacitance, thereby gaining the excellent properties, especially high-frequency performance. However, due to price and process complexity and other reasons, the technology has not been widely used. As the chip and organic substrate coefficient of thermal expansion vary greatly, so early that the technology is only used in the ceramic substrate. 80, IBM invented the technology underlying fill, using the underlying filler filling the gap between the chip and the substrate, which greatly increased the expansion coefficient of the chip and substrate produced by the mismatch of thermal fatigue life of solder joints, but also makes low-cost flip chip bonding assembly technology possible. Currently in the computer, communications and other fields flip chip bonding technology has received considerable degree of application, and is becoming high-speed growth trend.

MAX982CSA Suppliers

80s: 80s surface mount device appears on the surface mount technology, device technology through reflow soldering, the molten solder during reflow, the surface tension arising from Alignment effect, reducing the requirement for placement accuracy, and MAX982CSA Suppliers and instead of reflow soldering, wave soldering, but also improve the assembly yield. This phase of the device package type tight PLCC (QFJ) and QFP-based, the use of four pins, and thus greatly improve the strength of the density of the packaging and assembly. In the early 90s: BGA 90 years and increase as the device pins and the package assembly brightness requirements, there has been ball grid array package BGA. A typical BGA with organic substrate (such as BT) instead of the traditional lead frame package, and the multilayer wiring technology through the joints in the horizontal distribution of the device array of the following, only reduced the falling pitch in the top mount encounter resistance, while achieving a package assembly greatly increased density, which quickly gained a large area and promotion of the application in the rapid growth of the industry.

MAX982CSA Price

Connecting the semiconductor chip electronic packaging and MAX982CSA Price and electronic systems of a bridge, with the rapid development of semiconductor industry to industry sectors and the rapid penetration of electronic packaging of semiconductor chips has gradually become the feature of a bottleneck, electronic packaging so in the past twenty or thirty was a great development during the year and has made considerable progress.

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