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Ic MB7142H

Touch with the large size of gradual development of applications, many businesses have cut into the building next-generation production lines, up to 3.5 on behalf of the rainbow in the production line, the 4.5-generation line is also about to start in January 2010 into the touch panel production of rainbow Chairman Chen Ronghong said capacitive touch the future, including 32,42,52 and IC MB7142H and 65 inches, there is now potential customers are talking about, it will be before the end of the next generation of Hong touch panel production line plans He said the new chairman of Hong Lin is a next generation of the past to participate in the Friends of construction experience, better suited to lead up to Hong forward towards larger products.

MB7142H Suppliers

IDM professional company, specializing in the design of the semiconductor industry, manufacturing, packaging and MB7142H Suppliers and testing, generally does not engage in the business machine company. This form began in the late 60s of last century the United States, such as Intel, AMD, Zilog and other several companies. In 1987, the French electronics company Thomson integrated semiconductor companies with separate departments into STM Italy Semiconductor Semiconductor. Professional IDM IDM companies relative to the integrated and efficient operation of the company's typical exemplary.

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Micro-etching machine companys product line will add new members. Yinzhi Yao, the new product is to produce the required 3D metal connection to the coupling ion etching (D-RIE) equipment. He said: "Our main customers are very concerned about the silicon vias (TSV) 3D etching equipment. We will give the industry to provide superior performance, high output, low cost silicon etching equipment." Yin Zhiyao that AMEC plants root in Asia, the Chinese semiconductor companies will help the government continue to support the construction of new IC manufacturing plant.

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