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July 27, Intel has just sold a new generation of Core2Due series processors, which Core2ExtremeX6800 (also known as Core 2 Duo Extreme Edition X6800) is the most powerful of all processors of a performance. IntelCore2ExtremeX6800 processor, using the new 65nm process, dual-core design, LGA775 interface, clocked at 2.93GHz; FSB to 266MHz; front-side bus to 1066MHz. With the ordinary version of the Conroe is different is the product model Extreme Edition ConroeX6800 full name IntelCore2ExtremeX6800, regular edition Conroe belong IntelCore2Duo series, the Extreme Edition processor is not locked, it can be said is specifically designed for overclocking up to a top person processor.

MB89259A Suppliers

Department of Commerce International Trade and MB89259A Suppliers and Economic Cooperation Li Gang, director of European Studies Institute interviewed held that the policy of the EU now has a tendency to follow the United States, the United States China is the textile quotas by the end of 2008, estimated the EU the issue of textile quotas on China will not easily "let go", even in 2008 not to extend restrictions on Chinese textiles, but also take anti-dumping and other trade relief measures.

MB89259A Price

In addition, technical considerations, GeForce9600GT new design using the NVIDIA G94 core 65nm process, the original 64 stream processors and MB89259A Price and 16 raster processors. Although like most of the signs in the G92 core is reduced to 64 stream processors obtained, but the core from the core area and the number of transistors on the

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