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Ic MBR20100CT

"We are pleased to expand the partnership SMIC 130-nm process from the initial to the current 40-nanometer low-leakage process. Virage Logic developed industry-leading IP products will be able to provide customers with more choices so that SMIC can become preferred foundry customers, "Virage Logic marketing and IC MBR20100CT and sales, said Brani Buric, executive vice president. "This joint agreement is Virage Logics industry-leading companies through the foundry to expand our business continuity strategy, but also strengthened the SMIC also provides its customers a complete IP solution that commitment."

MBR20100CT Suppliers

"As a leading foundry in China, we work with Virage Logic will enable companies to expand partnership with SMIC to provide more industry-leading 40-nanometer low-leakage process of semiconductor IP, which can not only meet from local Chinese SoC developers need will help us to develop the global semiconductor market, "SMIC senior vice president and MBR20100CT Suppliers and chief commercial officer, said non-quarter gram. "SMIC is taking active measures to enhance customers more advanced technology. We already have customers actively using SMICs 65nm low-leakage technology and Virage Logic IP for chip companies related project development. Partnership with Virage Logic will provide our customers migrate to 40 nm a relatively easy way. SMIC marketing in response to the growth, we look forward to a long collaboration with Virage Logic to meet growing market demand. "

MBR20100CT Price

IP provider Virage Logic Corporation, and MBR20100CT Price and Chinas most advanced semiconductor maker SMIC Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (SMIC, SMIC) today announced the expansion of its long-term partnership to 40 nanometer (nanometer), low leakage (low -leakage) process technology. Virage Logic Corporation and SMIC 130-nm process from the initial cooperation from both parties will provide mutual customers with a high degree of difference in the IP, covering a wide range also includes 90-nanometer technology and 65 nm. Under the agreement, System on Chip (SoC) designers will be able to use Virage Logic developed, based on SMIC 40 nm low-leakage process SiWare memory compilers, SiWare logic libraries, SiPro MIPI Silicon Intellectual Property (IP) and the Intelli DDR IP. In addition to this the key to a new agreement will provide SMIC Virage Logics STAR Memory System and advanced STAR flux accelerator tools to accelerate SMIC technology on 40-nanometer low-leakage memory technology development, testing, and production improved.

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