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Ic MBRD340

The reporter has learned, Japan Tokuyama (Tokuyama) the cost of such international companies is only 20 U.S. dollars / kg. This means that the competitiveness of domestic enterprises compared to polysilicon international giant gap significantly. In particular, when the market price to 50 U.S. dollars / kg, the domestic enterprises can only be faced with a huge number of polysilicon loss of reality. In this low-margin pressure, the SMEs can be eliminated.

MBRD340 Suppliers

baseband with multimedia processing capabilities of the program: low cost, fast to market advantages, there is also relatively closed systems, product homogeneity defects; base + AP with a system open, superior performance, easy to differentiate the benefits, there is also the disadvantage of high cost; and MBRD340 Suppliers and co-processor baseband + basic somewhere between the in-between. The evolution from the market point of view, the baseband multimedia processing capabilities, to co-processor market is the biggest impact, but the base-band + APs market share will continue to increase. Whether from the market analysis report, or from the + AP began to use the base to design products with the number of companies to see, you can clearly see this trend. This trend is due to produce, consumers are increasingly mature, the requirements of the mobile phone will be from the "simple communication tools + simple multimedia applications," handheld devices like steering an "intelligent personal media and communications center" and its face will not just talk on and multimedia applications, but a variety of wireless connectivity mode, a variety of media, data and information, interaction and information processing centers, and provides a wealth of high-quality human-machine interface interface. Only with such market-based approach to meet the + AP, and, often, "a variety of base-band + AP" approach.

MBRD340 Price

based in Xian, the Rainbow Group is large enterprises directly under SASAC is the largest manufacturer of CPT, has a staff of 2 million people. Is such a focus on the CRT (conventional CRT) business, but now they took a fancy to the 5th generation line on the radio and MBRD340 Price and television. A reporter on the radio and television executives admitted to the M & A events, the Rainbow Group, the first delivery to the olive branch up radio and television, both sides have some time for this communication.

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