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Ic MC100E136FN

Power management solutions worldwide leader in semiconductor and IC MC100E136FN and - International Rectifier Corporation (International Rectifier, referred to as IR) has introduced a new 60,80 and 100V N-channel HEXFET ? MOSFET. These products are suitable for networking and communications systems in the current switching converter applications, you can improve the RC product of the parameters of 36%. IRF7853PbF, IRF7854PbF and IRF7855PbF are applicable to AC-DC secondary-side synchronous rectification, isolated medium-power DC-DC applications. IR Sales Director, China and Hong Kong Yan Guofu said: "MOSFET on-state resistance and total gate charge performance of the circuit performance has a direct impact. Our three new SO-8 packaged devices using IRs Trench MOSFET technology can significantly reduce RDS (on) and Qg, the converter cause a significant system-level advantage. "voltage MOSFET with those in the IRs low voltage MOSFET and controller IC, power converter can be composed of sub-applications class chipset. In addition, when together with SmartRectifierTM IR1167 Smart Rectifier used in notebook computers and other AC-DC power adapter, these new SO-8 devices can replace two large TO-220 MOSFET and the corresponding heat sink, improved overall system efficiency 1%. 100V IRF7853 for isolated DC-DC bus converters communication bus wide voltage input (36V-75V) primary-side bridge topologies were optimized. 80V IRF7854 can be used for active ORing and hot-swap applications. All three are directed at 5-19V MOSFET output flyback converter secondary synchronous rectification and resonant half-bridge application design, and can be used as 18-36V input isolated DC-DC converter topology or forward push-pull topology primary-side switches in isolated DC-DC applications. These new HEXFET ? MOSFET is available now, the basic specifications are as follows: IRF7853PbF Lead SO-8100V18mΩ28nC10nC IRF7854PbF lead SO-880V13.4mΩ27nC8.7nC IRF7855PbF lead SO-860V9.4mΩ26nC9.6nC

MC100E136FN Suppliers

HTC can not be ignored as a smart area of the strength of its product releases will always get everyone's attention. HTC today at Mobile World Congress conference held in officially released Desire phone.

MC100E136FN Price

Currently, there is not much about this phone, and MC100E136FN Price and more information, we only know that with the front of their camera, video recording, video capture with dedicated buttons, the use of WindowsMobile platform, from the current point of view, this phone needs from the market for a long time, then to unlock the red lid, check it out. This shows that China Unicom is modified 2.5-generation mobile strategy, an important part of the 2.5 generation services ahead of schedule, so it must first finalize the network equipment.

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