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Ic MC100E210FN

STMicroelectronics (ST) introduced a new four-way trail leg intelligent power switches (IPS), this model VNI4140K new products using the latest VIPower ST manufacturing process, on-resistance Rds (on) the same size than the previous chip generation reduced by 50%. On-resistance and IC MC100E210FN and quiescent current significantly reduced, resulting in reduced power loss, thus saving a lot of energy, low power consumption and low cost. Power consumption than previous generation VIPower 40% reduction in the power switch. In addition, by resistance Rds (on) and the die size and finding the best compromise between the points, VNI4140K PowerSSO24 using compact package, similar in practice than in a space-saving four-channel products. Smart power switch on a chip, a logic interface, drivers and protection circuits. In the programmable logic controller (PLC), NC (numerical control) machine tools, robots and industrial building automation applications such as high-power, smart power switches for power stage, to simplify system design, saves board space.

MC100E210FN Suppliers

, Of course, the procurement network operating in the two dual-mode device is an important strategic operators. Technology news Web site Unstrung reported in the three months before the first operator in 2009 and MC100E210FN Suppliers and 2010 road map of the number of devices, including support for CDMA, WiMAX and WiFi in the tri-mode phone.

MC100E210FN Price

Currently, the two companies are large areas of the world to promote their own dual-core products. Intel said that in 2006, including desktop, including desktop and MC100E210FN Price and notebook computers, are more than 70% of Intel dual-core products. Not to be outdone, AMD also said that AMD dual-core products this year, shipments will be higher than single-core products.

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