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Present, China has initially formed, including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips preparation, LED chip, LED packaging, and IC MC100LVEL17DW and product applications, including a relatively complete industrial chain, and in the downstream integration of applications with some advantages . LED number of employees up to 5 million people, more than 20 research institutions, more than 4,000 enterprises, of which more than 50 upstream companies, packaging companies hundred, more than 3,000 enterprises downstream applications. In 2009, the Chinese LED market was 21.48 billion yuan, up 15.9% over 2008, from the quantitative point of view, the Chinese LED market demand in 2009 was 50.05 billion, compared with 2008 growth of 16.7%.

MC100LVEL17DW Suppliers

LG Electronics on display at the CES using the latest LED backlight technology a full range of television products. These provide high-definition television, it is also to achieve energy-saving and MC100LVEL17DW Suppliers and slim design. AS3693 fully optimized for the local backlight adjustment, in order to achieve excellent contrast. AS3693 LG Electronics in the SL9000 and SL9500 best-selling ultra-thin flat-panel TV with no borders. Austria Microelectronics will be held at the CES 2010 Las Vegas show, to show off AS3693 product line, including the use of QFN, ePQFP the latest products and LQFP packages.

MC100LVEL17DW Price

This product is simple and MC100LVEL17DW Price and elegant design, all wooden subwoofer square, angular, very dignified sense, the panel is very simple. Box is a streamlined design of the two satellite box, wooden material, silver oval ring of plastic wrapping, surface dust cloth and a subwoofer the same color.

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