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in the past we think that TFT-LCD is not suitable for reading, as long reading cause eye fatigue. However, Xinzhe Hong said that the finds had been to break Apples iPad tablet PCs, since the introduction of popular iPad. The next e-book reader will also speed up the process of color, is expected late this year or early next year, end-consumer market may see color of the e-book reader. In addition, to the global LCD TV LED shipments in 2013 will have around 90 million units shipped in 2008 compared to 43.8 million units. In the second half of 2009, the brand manufacturers are planning sights LED TV piece of the pie.

MC10115P Suppliers

"job points" that the price front, to prevent the overall price level from rising rapidly. Increase effective supply, curb irrational demand, to ensure market supply and MC10115P Suppliers and prices stable. Strict control of food, fertilizer, coal and other exports. Determined to stop the blind expansion of corn processing capacity. Speed up the improvement of the reserve system, improve and perfect the reserve adjustment and import and export regulation, and appropriately increase imports of consumer goods in short supply important. A good grasp of the governments timing and intensity of price adjustment to prevent waves of price increases. 6 Yue 16 news, application of LED backlight modules for LCD TV prices expected to fall in the coming years. Industry research firm iSuppli Corp. Forecast, LED LCD TV demand will grow rapidly. Penetration rate of LED backlighting will be 3% in 2009, increased to 39% in 2013.

MC10115P Price

clamshell shape LGKF300 crowd favorite is old style, after all, is more convenient to carry and MC10115P Price and use . Although the function can not be compared to mainstream products, but the practicality is very obvious, like it can go and see. U.S. Department of Energy hopes to eventually issued in August this year Integral Energy Star certified LED lights the final criteria. Energy Star certification program of the province LED exports will inevitably result in greater impact.

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