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Ic MC10E116FNR2

Roma as a package size 1.0mm × 0.6mm (1006 size), 0.2mm thick-chip-type LED "PicoLED" the new series will be listed in the low current range of 1mA to achieve about 2 times the brightness of the original "PicoLED-eco . " Currently, the keyboard and IC MC10E116FNR2 and other parts used in mobile phones LED, although the maximum rated current of 20mA, but in fact in most cases to use only 1mA. Therefore, for the purposes of the company, received the 2002 "energy saving LED chips and chip-related patents", committed to achieving the low current range of high brightness. Semiconductor materials using AlGaInP, and uses independent cell structure. LED colors include red, orange, yellow, yellow green. The characteristics of the table below. Scheduled in May 2007 began to supply samples of June in order to produce 10 million of the scale of production. Sample price is 100 yen. Okayama Prefecture in Japans ROHM-WAKO, Tianjin, China Roma Semiconductor (China) and Malaysia Kelantan ROHM-WAKOELECTRONICS (Malaysia) for manufacturing.

MC10E116FNR2 Suppliers

SHARC2147x processor benefit provided to enhance the accuracy of radar-based ADAS performance, including adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and MC10E116FNR2 Suppliers and warning of traffic intersections, for demanding security applications to achieve optimal target resolution, multi-target tracking and real-time system response. Properties with low power consumption and can adapt to the environment temperature of 105 degrees Celsius, SHARC2147x processors to meet the needs of the automotive environment and competitive prices to help reduce the overall price ADAS options, and accelerate customer acceptance and adoption.

MC10E116FNR2 Price

Future 3G era is the era of a dominant operator. Depth cooperation with operators to provide end to end service, so as to realize win-win situation, this is an important guarantee for the success of Huawei. And global operators in the process of long-term cooperation, in with the likes of Motorola, Nokia and MC10E116FNR2 Price and other top brands in the positive struggle, Huawei to "fast" system "fast" marketing strategy, no doubt is a direct and effective. Successful cooperation with Vodafone is the best description.

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